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Delmon United is a specialist in the conveying systems. We are the sole exclusive distributor of Orona Lifts in Kuwait, Dubai and Northern Emirates.

We provide a full range of services from installing to maintaining elevators (electric & hydraulic; geared & gearless; machine room & machine room less; pitless), escalators, travelators, platform and dumbwaiters.

We have experience of more than 10 years in the conveying system business and have a solid reputation among our existing customers, which includes the Ministries (Public Health, Public Works, Petroleum, Interior, Awqaf), Public Authority (Housing Welfare, Agricultural Affairs, Education & Training), Amiri Diwan, private villa owners, commercial builings, major consultants, and major contractors in Kuwait.

We supply, install, commission and maintain more than 800 units of all types of elevators (with or without machine room; geared or gearless; hydraulic; pitless) with the capacity ranging up to 2500 kg and speed up to 2.5 m/s. In addition to this, we also provide escalators, travelators, platforms, dumbwaiters, stair-lift for wheelchair, lift for cars, and scissor lifts.

 Delmon Orona Lifts

Orona Facts And Figures

  • Orona is the leading elevator company in Spain.
  • 1 of every 10 new lifts in Europe is manufactured by Orona.
  • Orona is no. 1 in complete lift production capacity in Europe.
  • More than 100 countries have installed Orona’s products.
  • 200,000 lifts in the world has Orona technology.
  •  Delmon Orona Lifts Orona is the first company in the elevator sector to be awarded the Eco-design certificate ISO 14006 according to UNE 150301.
  • The new lift model is a technological leap forward and its innovative design achieves a reduction in the consumption of energy (with respect to conventional 2-speed lift and hydraulic lift) of between 50% and 70% respectively.
  • Orona solutions provide the highest safety, quality and comfort standards. From comfortable and silent operation, with recognized durability, to the most sophisticated elevation and access control solutions, installation supervision, etc.
  • The new generation of Orona lifts, with the latest technology, guarantees minimum noise levels, high stopping precision and smooth operation.
  • Orona offers solutions that have been specially designed for replacing old lifts, which allows customer’s cost to be optimized.
  • Orona is one of the companies on the European stage that invests most in Research and Development.
 Delmon Orona Lifts